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Ancient East
 General information
 The oldest politico-legislative systems appeared in ancient Egypt, India, Palestine, China and other countries of the Ancient East. The earliest type of society that was to replace the aboriginal, primordial one, formed in civilisations of the Ancient East.

 Peculiarities of politico-legislative ideas in ancient China
 The peak of socio-political thought in Ancient China falls upon VI-III centuries B. C. That period witnessed deep economic and political changes, having been conditioned with appearance of private property for land. Property differentiation inside communities triggered rise of wealthy layers of population, weakening patriarchal clannish ties; deepening of social contradictions.

 Peculiarities of politico-legislative thought in Ancient India
 Among main peculiarities of political thought in ancient India first should be mentioned the following: its religious, spiritual character, concentration on problems of moral philosophy, its main factor of development is religion, influence of mythological concepts about the State and the Law.

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