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The All-Russian Political Movement of Women of Russia
The All-Russian Political Movement of Women of Russia
The movement was registered on November, 22, 1996 (# 3317)
The date of registration of the movement Charter - March, 5, 1998
The administrative body - the Coordination Council
The Movement Chairwoman - LAKHOVA Ekaterina Philippovna
Tel: 2928544, 2926619

The movement headquarters address
B. 2, 3/5, Ukrainsky Boulevard, Moscow, 121248

The aim of the movement is assistance to the formation of true civilized society in Russia where freedom, virtue, safety of citizens will become the unconditional values and rules of law.

The basic movement objective:
is activization of participation of women in the political life of Russia, increase of their representation in the bodies of authority, at all levels of decision-making process.

The movement's activity basic directions:

- maintenance of equal participation of men and women in the political life of Russia, establishment of the parity at all levels of decision-making;

- realization of the constitutional clause on of equality of rights, freedoms and opportunities for women and men in all the spheres of public life;

- observance of the UN Convention on liquidation of all forms of discrimination concerning women; observance of other international legal acts directed on improvement of position of women, family and children;

- broad involvement of women into administration of the affairs of the society and state;

- establishment of civil consent and peace in the Russian Federation and its steady development.

LAKHOVA Ekaterina Philippovna
was born in 1948. She graduated from Sverdlovsk Medical Institute, with a speciality in paediatrics. Ekaterina Philippovna worked as a hospital department head, then occupied the post of the deputy chief of Public Health Service Board under Sverdlovsk Oblast Executive Committee. Ekaterina Lakhova was elected a deputy of RSFSR Supreme Council, she headed the Committee on Affairs of Women, Protection of Family, Motherhood and Childhood. Since September, 1991 - the adviser of the President on the Issues of Family, Motherhood and Childhood. Ekaterina Philippovna was appointed the chairman of the Commission on Questions of Women, Families and Demography under the President of the Russian Federation. In the State Duma of the first convocation Ekaterina Lakhova was a leader of the faction "Women of Russia" united 24 female deputies. Lakhova Ekaterina Philippovna is a deputy of the State Duma of the second convocation through a single member constituency.

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