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The All-Russian Public Political Movement "Alternative"
The All-Russian Public Political Movement "Alternative"
The movement was registered on November, 1, 1989 (N 1989)
Date of the movement charter registration - May, 7, 1998
Administrative Body - the Central Council
The Movement Co-chairmen - ZERNOV Mikhail Sergeyevich,
LIZUNOV Alexander Ivanovich,
POPOV Alexander Pavlovich
Tel/fax: 9461671, 2804055

Headquarters address:
27, Marshal Zakharov St., Moscow, 115569

The basic objectives:

- maintenance of personal inalienable rights and freedoms, their protection against the bureaucratic arbitrariness;

- achievement of political, social, legal stability and order;

- protection of the interests of Russian business undertakings;

- assistance to the creation of socially focused market economy free from the state interference;

- assistance to the restoration of the authority of the Russian state as the full participant of the world community;

- sssistance to the revival of traditional, cultural and spiritual values of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

ZERNOV Mikhail Sergeyevich
was born on May, 19, 1961. In 1984 he graduated from Novosibirsk Institute of Water Transport Engineers. Mikhail Sergeyevich worked as a researcher of a geological party of the Lena Basin Administration, headed drilling works in Yakutia, occupied the post of the deputy chief of the Yakut Commanding River School. Then - was the chairman of the Yakut Republican Committee of the Russian Trade Union of Workers of Small- and Average-Scale Business. In 1997-1998 Mikhail Sergeyevich worked as the chief of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Trade Union of Workers of Small- and Average-Scale Business. The Director General of the scientific and production fund 'First Trade-Union Fund".

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