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The all-Russian political movement "REVIVAL"
The all-Russian political movement "REVIVAL"
The movement was formed at the constituent assembly in October, 1993
and registered on May, 22, 1995 (#2731)
Date of the movement Charter registration - August, 7, 1998
Administrative body - The Administrative Board
Chairman of the Board - SKURLATOV Valery Ivanovich
Tel/fax: 2463953, 1787186

Headquarters address:
31, 5/5, Timur Frunze St., Moscow, 119021

Liberal - Patriotic Party. Its predecessor - the Party of Revival - was formed in 1991. It was created on the basis of the following movements "Russian Popular Front ", "Christian Revival" and partly by the "Union' parliamentary group.

Political activity objective - "creation of legal democratic multinational prospering state constructed on the principles of civil freedom and federal organization, protection of the nations and peoples living outside their national - state formations". The primary intent - to revive the Power.

In the field of economy: To deliver to everyone who wishes an individual voucher-certificate subject to exchange for shares, land, real estate, habitation and other property up to the sum of 100 thousand gold roubles (100 thousand dollars); to restore peasantry; to carry out a complex of measures promoting revival of Russian private enterprise.

In the field of social policy: the fastest return to the standard of living achieved in 1985; full value unemployment benefits; protection of interests of working people; all possible support for religious institutions; protection of family and active demographic policy.

Basic objectives:

- assistance to strengthening of centuries-old multinational domestic statehood, increase of spiritual, technological, economic and military power of Russia;

- assistance to revival of Russia through direct interest of each people in the future of the Russian Federation; revival of traditions, customs, beliefs and culture, mutual trust and respect of national feelings; direct participation of each citizen in the state building as a spokesman of the interests of the nation.

SKURLATOV Valery Ivanovich
was born in December, 1938 in Pavlovo-upon-Oka. In 1961 he graduated from the faculty of physics of the Moscow State University. In 1973 Valery Ivanovich became a candidate of science. Skurlatov worked at "Technica Molodezhi' magazine, and the institutes of the USSR Academy of Science. In March, 1965 Skurlatov joined the CPSU. In autumn of the same year he was excluded from the party for development of the charter draft of the organization recognized as fascist. In autumn of 1988 he was one of the organizers of the Russian Popular Front, since December, 1988 - he was the secretary of RPF. In October, 1991 he was among the founders of Revival Party (RP) which was renamed into the Party of the Power Revival and the Liberal - Patriotic Party "Revival" in the summer 1993. In October, 1993, after the suspension of RPF and RP activities Skurlatov became the organizer of the Liberal - Patriotic Party "Revival". Valery Ivanovich is a co-chairman of the National Rescue Front, the founder and the editor - in - chief of the newspaper "Russian Revival". Since 1989 he has been engaged into political activity.

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