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The All-Russian Political Social Movement "Middle Class Movement"
The All-Russian Political Social Movement "Middle Class Movement"
Date of the charter registration - December, 7, 1998 (N 3618)
Administrative Body - The Council The Council
Chairman - AVANESOV Alexey Genrikhovich
Tel: 2824780, 2824680,
Fax: 2839263, 9130834

Headquarters address: 2a-25, Dubninskaya St., Moscow, 113054

The basic aims of activity:

- assistance to formation in public consciousness of the priority of human rights and universal values;

- assistance to maintenance of conditions for development of business, initiative and new technologies;

- assistance to development of the Russian Federation as the great scientific and industrial power and transition of its economy into the postindustrial stage;

- assistance to democratization of the society life, construction of strong, legal, effective state which economic prosperity is based on prosperity of its citizens;

- assistance to preservation and development of the Russian Federation as multinational and federative state.

AVANESOV Alexey Genrikhovich was born on August, 25, 1967 in Moscow. He graduated from Moscow Electrotechinical Institute of Communication in 1991. Served in army. From 1988 till 1991 - a member of the CPSU. Since 1991 Alexey Genrikhovich is a member of the directors board of 'VALTEX' holding. The chairman of the Middle Class Movement.

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