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The All-Russian Political Organization - "The Party of Democratic Russia"
The All-Russian Political Organization - "The Party of Democratic Russia"
The party was founded in 1994 and registered on March, 31, 1995 (N 2634)
The date of the party Charter registration - September, 30, 1998
The administrative body - The Federal Council
The party Chairman - RYBAKOV Yuliy Andreyevich
TEL: 2915300, 2920576

The party headquarters address
B. 2, 15/1, Prechistenskaya Embankment, Moscow, 119034

Basic objectives:

- assistance to development of advanced political system as the mean of protection of the civil society as the basic of democracy; assistance to the reconstruction of natural relations between an individual and the society, revival of local self-government traditions;

- assistance to the state house-building program for poor citizens, construction of municipal housing;

- structural reorganization of goods production, transition to wasteless and resource-saving technologies;

- granting of tax privileges to the manufacturer directly realizing own production.

RYBAKOV Yuliy Andreyevich:

was born on February, 25, 1946 in Saint Petersburg. Yuliy Andreyevich received vocational training with specialization in carving. Now the chairman of the Permanent Commission for Human Rights under the City Council (Saint Petersburg). Yuliy Rybakov was elected a deputy of the State Duma of the first convocation. Yuliy Andreyevich is a member of the Committee for Legislation and Judicial Reform. Nominated for the Duma elections by 'The Russia's Democratic Choice' in Saint-Petersburg constituency.

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