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The All-Russian Political Public Organization "Conservative Party of Russia"
The All-Russian Political Public Organization "Conservative Party of Russia"

The party was registered on January, 15, 1992 (N 593)
Date of the charter registration - November, 20, 1998
Administrative Body - the Secretariat
Chairman - UBOZHKO Lev Grigoriyevich
Tel: 2028641, 2615044, 2033081, 2615880

Headquarters address: of 330, b.2, 29, Golubinskaya St., Moscow, 117463

Press-secretary - KOROLEVA Natalia Ivanovna
Tel: 2615880

The Conservative Party was formed on the basis of the Democratic Party created by Lev Ubozhko in 1989. At the II assembly of this party held on October, 6-7, 1990, the party was renamed into the Conservative Party.


- association of citizens, public forces of conservative orientation;

- participation in the protection of fundamental laws and freedoms of people;

- assistance in assertion of rights and interests of people and various social groups of the population, achievement of a fair compromise between them;

- assistance to the consecutive realization of main principles of the ideology and practice of conservatism in the life of the state and society;

- participation in the development of economic system of Russia in the direction of ecological and social market economy;

- assistance to the dialogue between the members of the Party and the society and the bodies of the government with the purpose of further development of reforms;

- support of creative public forces aspiring to consent and cooperation.

The party pre-election platform: human rights, the priority of the citizen over the state, equality of all ideologies, equal rights multistructure economy, gratuitous transfer of land into private property of the peasants.

UBOZHKO Lev Grigoriyevich was born on March, 12, 1933 in Kopeysk, Chelyabinskaya Oblast. Lev Grigoriyevich graduated from Moscow Engineering and Physical Institute (1961), Sverdlovsk Legal Correspondence Institute (1968). He worked as an engineer at "Mayak" (1961-66), the chief of research service at a scientific institute in Moscow (1966-68), a senior engineer at "Teploenergo" (1968-70). Political prisoner articles 190, 70 Criminal Code of the RSFSR (1970-75). He was placed into a psychiatric hospital for political views (1975-87). In 1975 he escaped from the hospital. Lev Ubozhko was released in 1987. And in 1991 exonerated by the Supreme Court of the USSR. In May, 1991 he was put forward as a candidate for the post of the president of the Russian Federation, but he withdrew. The participant of the Public Chamber at the President of the Russian Federation since 1994 Lev Ubozhko is one of the veterans of the "informal" movement in the country.

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