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The All-Russian Public Political Organization "Russian Communities Congress"
The All-Russian Public Political Organization "Russian Communities Congress"
The All-Russian Public Political Organization "Russian Communities Congress" was registered on January, 30, 1997 (# 3356)
The date of the Charter registration - May, 22, 1998
The administrative body - the Executive Committee
The Chairman - ROGOZIN Dmitry Olegovich
Tel/fax: 2420017, 2572934, 2923261

headquarters address:
46, Frunzenskaya Embankment, Moscow, 119270.

The Coalition of "Centrist - Patriotic' direction was created by Dmitry Rogozin. The Constituent Congress of Russian Communities was held on March, 2, 1993. There are five representatives of the Congress in the State Duma and its three members in the Federation Council.

Now there are two organizations: the All-Russian Public Organization 'The Congress of Russian Communities' and the International Congress of Russian Communities. The International Congress of Russian Communities includes 64 organizations in the post-Soviet area. And the All-Russian Public Organization of the Congress totals 69 regional organizations.

"Russian Communities Congress" (KRO) has proclaimed itself the basic Russian political organization expressing moral and political will of Russian people. KRO repudiates aggressive nationalism, but non-aggressive, "healthy" form of patriotism is recognized and proclaimed as a basis of the Congress activity.

The core of the Congress economic program is protection of domestic commodity producers.

At a closed conference of the heads of the Congress regional organizations (November, 2, 1996) the formation of "Russian People's Party "KRO" headed by Dmitry Rogozin was proclaimed.

Basic objectives:

- assistance to Russian statehood strengthening;

- assistance to consolidation of the civil peace and national unity in the country

- assistance to realization of civil and social-and-economic rights of Russian population in the subjects of the Russian Federation;

- popularization of historic-and-cultural traditions of Russian communities;

- development of positions, programs, offers on pressing questions of strengthening of Russian statehood and national safety; establishment of civil consent in the country; continuation of reforms directed on the growth of material and spiritual well-being, life interval and safety of citizens of the Russian Federation.

On March, 28-29, 1998 the fifth KRO assembly was held in Moscow. Dmitry Rogozin delivered the speech and declared that KRO held the third position after the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia in elective opportunities. He expressed confidence in future parliament elections of the year 1999.

Among other tasks of KRO for 1999 Dmitry Rogozin mentioned the formation of a parliamentary group together with Sergey Baburin and creation of a wide all-Russian migrants' movement (communities of migrants number up to 5 million people in today Russia), arrangement of the conferences of the bodies of local self-management heads.

Rogozin Dmitry Olegovich:
was born on December, 21, 1963 in Moscow. In 1986 graduated from the international department of the faculty of journalism of the Moscow State University. In 1996 Dmitry Olegovich became a candidate of science. He speaks five foreign languages. After graduation from the University Dmitry Rogozin occupied crucial posts in the Committee of the Youth Organizations of the USSR, he took an active part in the creation of "RAU - Corporation", research and educational company. In 1990 he was elected the president of the Association of Young Political Leaders of Russia - "Forum - 90". In March, 1993 Dmitry Rogozin united Russian communities of the countries of the CIS and Baltic States, and also of the national-state autonomies in the structure of Russia and formed the national - patriotic movement "The Russian Communities Congress". In March, 1997 Dmitry Olegovich became a deputy of the State Duma, the deputy-chairman of the Committee on the Affairs of Nationalities.

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