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All-Russian Public Organization "The Peasants Party of Russia"
All-Russian Public Organization "The Peasants Party of Russia"
The party was registered on April, 12, 1991 (N 63)
Date of the party charter registration - March, 20, 1998
Administrative Body - The Central Council
Chairman - CHERNICHENKO Jury Dmitriyevich
Tel/fax: 2419963, 2416439, 2411251

Headquarters address: b. 4, 30, Sivtsev Vrazhek Lane, Moscow, 121002

The Peasants Party of Russia was formed on the basis of the movement for farms protection. Jury Chernichenko was elected the chairman of the party.

The party objectives:

- revival of domestic peasantry, environmental protection;

- protection of political, social, economic interests of the peasants, farmers, manufacturers of agricultural production, rural population, their rights to participation in the management of the state and public affairs;

- political maintenance of rights, freedoms and personal security;

- assistance to the development of market economy, civil society and democratic jural state;

- political support for the formation of the social layer interested in realization of consecutive market reforms;

- development of patriotism, cooperation with religious organizations, strengthening of importance of traditional values, spirituality and family;

- strengthening of the international authority of the Russian Federation, assistance to its peaceful external and internal policy.

In the field of economy the Peasants Party of Russia recognizes all patterns of ownership and advocates the priority of private property for land and the means of production. The party demands the right for collective farmers to leave communal farms and be granted an allotment and a share of collective property. At the same time the party stands for the strong social policy of the state, state grants for social needs of country-side and the support of agricultural manufacturers.

CHERNICHENKO Jury Dmitrievich was born on August, 7, 1929 in Graivoron Village, Kurskaya Oblast. He graduated from historical and philological faculty of Kishinev State University (1953). Jury Dmitrievich worked as a correspondent of the newspaper "Soviet Moldavia", (1953-54), an own correspondent of the newspaper "Altaiskaya Pravda", (1955-59) the newspaper "Soviet Russia' (1959-61), a special correspondent of "Soviet Russia" (1961-65), "Pravda" (1965-74), a commentator of the Central Television (1976-91). Jury Chernichenko is a member of the Union of Writers. He has published own 15 books and numerous articles. He was a People's Deputy of the USSR (1989-91), a member of the Inter-Regional deputy group. The secretary of the Union of Writers, Moscow (since 1992), the Chairman of the Peasants Party of Russia (since 1991). Chernichenko left the CPSU at the end of 1990. He became one of the organizers of the Peasants Party of Russia. In 1993 he was elected the deputy of the Federation Council. A member of political advisory advice(council) at the President of the Russian Federation. Jury Dmitrievich is a member of the Coordination Council of the movement "Just Cause".

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