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The All-Russian Public Political Movement "My Family"
The All-Russian Public Political Movement "My Family"
The movement was registered on March, 24, 1995 (N 3424)
Date of the charter registration - June, 5, 1998
Administrative Body - the Committee
President - KOMISSAROV Valery Jakovlevich
Tel: 2575964, 2179712, 2077493

Headquarters address: 216, b.5, 16, Dubninskaya St., Moscow, 127540

Basic tasks:

- national-wide association of citizens on the basis of the idea of the prevalence of family values above the values of politics, ideology and others confrontational directions of public life. All general-political problems should be considered only through the prism of protection of family and family values.

- to achieve the acceptance of the laws regulating legal relationship inside the family, guaranteeing the state support to young families, children - invalids, children who without parents, poor families, realization of the state program on reduction of death rate, stimulation of birth rate, propaganda of the priority of spirituality, morals and family values.

KOMISSAROV Valery Jakovlevichwas born on April, 12, 1965 in Kharkov. In 1987 he graduated from Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. Valery Jakovlevich worked at the State Institute of Designing of Metal Works as the department deputy chief. At the same time he cooperated with Central Television and in 1988 he started working at TV. Valery Jakovlevich worked as a special correspondent, the author and editor of a number of television programs. In 1996 he created the television program "My Family". There were many thousand letters sent to the address of the TV-program and Komissarov organized the political movement "My Family" which has its branches in many regions of the Russian Federation. Valery Komissarov is the author and producer of other television programs. He teaches a course for TV-presenters and producers at Moscow State Social University.

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