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All-Russian Political Social Movement "Nur" ("Light")
All-Russian Political Social Movement "Nur" ("Light")
The movement was registered on June, 16, 1995 (N 3004)
Date of the charter registration - November, 20, 1998
Administrative Body - the Coordination Council
Chairman - SADIKOV Maxud Ibnugadzharovich
Phone/fax: 1531400

Headquarters address: b. 1, 28, Zemlyachka St., Moscow, 113184

The basic objectives:

- development and realization of political, social and economic and cultural and education programs and projects on improvement of life of citizens;

- protection of political, economic and cultural rights and freedoms of citizens, development of their activities on participation in the political life;

- organization and holding of symposiums, conferences, seminars on the problems of family, healthy way of life and demography.

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