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The All-Russian Public Political Movement "Public Consent"
The All-Russian Public Political Movement "Public Consent"
Date of the charter registration - May, 22, 1998 (N 3524)
Administrative Body - the Central Council
The Movement Chairman - KHRUSTALEV German Alexandrovich
Tel: 2111864

Headquarters address: 18 Poltavskaya St., Moscow, 103287

The objectives:

- assistance to the expansion and development of rights and freedoms of citizens;

- assistance to the development of the jural democratic state;

- assistance to spiritual and cultural revival of Russia;

- public support of the principles of federalism; - assistance to economic development of Russia; - development of citizens' activity;

- participation in organization and activities of the above mentioned bodies;

- assistance to protection of political and social and economic rights of citizens;

- assistance to the development of market economy, distribution and strengthening of private property.

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