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The All-Russian Political Movement "Education is the future of Russia"
The All-Russian Political Movement "Education is the future of Russia"
The movement was registered on April, 7, 1995 (N 2651)
Date of the movement charter registration - July, 10, 1998
Administrative Body - the Coordination Council
Co-chairmen of the Movement - BABUKH Larissa Vladimirovna,
KEZINA Lyubov Petrovna,
LAZUTOVA Maria Nikolayevna
Tel: 2700892, 2704852

Headquarters address: b. 1, 31/22, Taganskaya St., Moscow

The objectives:

- assistance to priority development of education, science, culture, art with a view of creation of economically advanced, educated and highly moral society;

- assistance to the bodies of the government and institutions of local management in formation and practical realization of socially focused policy in the sphere of education, physical training and sports, preventive measures and health protection of citizens;

- all possible assistance to healthy development of citizens, education directed at the priority of spiritual values above material ones, development of communication and contacts with representatives of all religious beliefs of Russia;

- representation of legitimate interests, assistance to protection of political, civil, social, copyrights and adjacent rights of the participants of the Movement, other persons' rights on their request who are engaged into the sphere of education, science, culture;

- all possible development of international cooperation in the field of education, science and culture.

BABUKH Larissa Vladimirovna was born on August, 13, 1949 in the family of a military man. She graduated from Moscow Institute of Radio Electronics. Larissa Vladimirovna is a member of the Academy. She was elected a deputy of the State Duma of the first convocation via the slate of the political movement "Women of Russia". The first co-chairperson of the All-Russian public political movement "Education is the Future of Russia". The co-chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the Russian Educational Parliament.

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