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The All-Russian Public Political Organization "The Party of Civil Initiative"
The All-Russian Public Political Organization "The Party of Civil Initiative"
Date of the party charter registration - December, 11, 1998 (N 3620)
Administrative Body - the Presidium
Chairman - BEKETOV Alexander Vitaliyevich
Tel: 2583636

Headquarters address: b. 1, 47, Aviamotornaya St., Moscow, 111024

The party of civil initiative is a political union of people who do not accept the division of the society into "the right" and "the left". The basis of prosperity of the state and society for them lies in each person's own forces, the will to success, the care of one's own well-being and the well-being of one's family, the healthy way of life. The party sets the tasks of achievement of such political regime in the Russian Federation, which is able to guarantee the freedom of personal creative initiative. Only such regime will provide proper development of the society based on the traditional humanitarian values which are

- Fair and effective labour for the benefit of the family, society and state;

- family is the major sphere in each person's live; - protection of motherhood and childhood;

- the healthy way of life in favorable ecological environment;

- free cultural development of the person, cultural enrichment through the study of the best achievements of national cultures;

The basic aims of activity:

- to create proper conditions for economic prosperity of each citizen of Russia who works fairly and effectively for the benefit of his family, society and states;

- to achieve the attitude of the state to the family as to the major sphere of live of every person being the major source of the development of the Russian society;

- to provide safety of life, health and property of each person, not encroaching on his private life.

BEKETOV Alexander Vitaliyevich was born in 1965. He graduated from the economic faculty of Moscow State Institute of International Relations. Beketov worked in the Ministry of Foreign Trade, and since 1992 he has occupied the post of the general director of 'Garant', private company. Alexander Vitaliyevich speaks two foreign languages. He is the chairman of the Party of Civil Initiative.

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