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All-Russian Political Public Organization "Party of Economic Freedom"
All-Russian Political Public Organization "Party of Economic Freedom"
The party was registered on June, 25, 1992 (#1043)
Date of the party Charter registration - December, 7, 1998
Administrative body - The Political Council
Chairman - BOROVOY Konstantin Natanovich
Tel: 9247530, 2926231

headquarters address
5A, B.1, 11, 2nd Kolobovsky Lane, Moscow, 103030

The party was formed in May, 1992 on the basis of a number of "new economy' structures, and first of all the, Russian Commodity and Feedstock Exchange which controlled up to 12 % of Russian economy.

The key points in the party program:

- Free economy - strong power

- Supremacy of law equal for everybody

- Personal immunity and inviolability of private property

- Realization of human rights and freedoms established in the General Declaration of Human Rights

- Freedom of speech and press and non-admission of mass media monopolization

- The most broad, fast and public privatization

- Privileges to labour collectives, banning of free property distribution.

- Establishment of landed private property

- Social security for the handicapped and disabled

- Uncompromising struggle against merging of the state machinery with commercial structures

Party of Economic Freedom objectives:

- activity promote the establishment of the civil peace and consent in the Russian Federation;

- critically estimate activities of the government and suggest own variants the state development;

- contribute to spiritual revival of Russia;

- unite associates and direct their activities to realization of political, economic, social-and-cultural rights and freedom of citizens;

- promote development of productive forces of the country through consolidation of market relations and economic freedom of manufacturers, maintenance of equality of opportunities for all people.

The primary intent of the party:

- assistance to construction of a democratic society in the Russian Federation, establishment of priority of civil rights and economic freedom.

BOROVOY Konstantin Natanovich
was born in 1948 in Moscow. He has graduated from the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers (1970), and the faculty of mechanics and mathematics of the Moscow State University (1975). Then taught and carried out research work at the Moscow State University and at the Institute of the Use of Land Engineers and at a number of Moscow scientific and research institutes (1975-89). Since 1987 was engaged into the sphere of private business. The president of the Russian Commodity - Feedstock Exchange (since 1990), the president of 'RINAKO', investment company (since 1991), the Chairman of the directors boards of Russian National Commercial Bank, Economic News Agency, the vice-president of the Stock Exchanges Congress (1991), a member Business Undertakings Council under the President of Russia (since 1991). The chairman of the Party of Economic Freedom. Konstantin Natanovich was nominated for the State Duma of the second convocation by Party of Economic Freedom association in Moscow. Konstantin Borovoy is a member of the Committee for Budget, Taxes, Banks and Finance.

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