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""Union", The All-Russian Political Movement
"Union", The All-Russian Political Movement
Date of Charter registration - July, 10, 1998 (N 3558)
Administrative Body - The Coordination Council
Chairman - Tikhonov Georgiy Ivanovich
Tel: 9258201, 2925995, 2924190

Headquarters address
10, B. Kharitonovsky Lane, Moscow, 103062

Basic aims of activity:

- assistance in preservation and strengthening of historically determined multinational state of Great Russia, maintenance of its state and national interests and consolidation of its peoples;

- assistance in development of the Union of Russia and Byelorussia, the Union of brotherly slavic and other peoples of the republics of former Soviet Union;

- assistance in development of the society self-management and local self-management through assistance in creation of labour councils and local councils of citizens.

Tikhonov Georgiy Ivanovich
was born on March, 18, 1934 in Korobovo Settlement, Moskovskaya Oblast. Georgiy Ivanovich graduated from Moscow Institute of Railway Engineers with specialization in power engineering. He is a candidate of economic sciences, an academician of water-economic sciences of the Russian Federation. Georgiy Tikhonov worked as a power engineer in Moskovskaya Oblast, then occupied the post of the director of Dushanbe Thermal Power Station, headed 'Tadzhikhydroenergostroy' trust. In 1978-1980 he was the student of the Academy of National Economy of the USSR. Then Georgiy Ivanovich became the deputy minister of power and electrification of the USSR, the chief of All-Union Construction Association "Sojuzhydroenergostroy" under the Ministry for the Power Generating Industry. Tikhonov was elected the People's Deputy of the USSR. The chairman of the national movement "Union", a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the second convocation. He had been nominated by the block "Power - to people!" in the Moskovskaya Oblast constituency. The chairman of the Committee on Affairs of the CIS.

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