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The All-Russian Political Social Movement "In Support for Independent Deputies "
The All-Russian Political Social Movement "In Support for Independent Deputies "
The movement was registered on July, 6, 1995 (N 3016)
Date of the charter registration - December, 7, 1998
Administrative Body - The Council
Chairman - FEODOROV Evgeny Alexeyevich

Tel: 1475772

Headquarters address: 57 Mir Av., Moscow, 129110


- participation in the political life of the society by means of influence on formation of political will of citizens;

- participation in elections to the bodies of the government and institutions of local management by means of promotion of own candidates and organization of their pre-election campaigns;

- participation in activities of the mentioned above bodies;

- assistance to the strengthening and development of the democratic state system and the growth of the international authority of Russia;

- assistance to the development of reforms which are in the interests of the overwhelming majority of Russian population.

FEODOROV Evgeny Alexeyevich was born on May, 11, 1963. Russian. Graduated from Leningrad Higher Construction School named after Komarovsky with speciality in military power engineering. The vice-president of the Leningrad Oblast Commission on Issues of Housing and Communal Services at the People's Deputies Council. A member of the faction of the party for Russian Unity and Consent. The chairman of the movement "In Support for Independent Deputies".

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