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The All-Russian Political Social Movement "All-Russia Islamic Congress"
The All-Russian Political Social Movement "All-Russia Islamic Congress"
Date of the movement charter registration - December, 11, 1998 (N 3626)
Administrative Body - the Presidium
Chairman of the Presidium - KUSOV Nurkhalil Safargaleyevich

Phone: 9117193,
Fax: 9117190

Headquarters address: b. 1, 5, Nikoloyamskiy Lane, Moscow, 109813

Basic objectives:

- political representation of the interests of the people who share the ideas of Muslim democracy and appreciate the values of freedom, morals, equality, legality, solidarity and justice;

- participation in the political life of the society through the influence on the formation of citizens' political will;

- participation in elections to the bodies of the government and institutions of local management by nomination of own candidates and organization of their pre-election campaigns, participation in activities of the above mentioned bodies;

- assistance to spiritual, political, economic and cultural revival of Russia;

- assistance to strengthening of democratic and civil institutions of Russian society by association of efforts of the citizens belonging to various faiths, public political organizations, who share common understanding of the principles of democracy, equality, justice.

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