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The All-Russian Political Social Movement "Engineering Progress of Russia"
The All-Russian Political Social Movement "Engineering Progress of Russia"
Date of the charter registration - ecember, 17, 1998 (N 3629)
Administrative Body - The Council
Co-chairmen - KHOMERIKI Vladimir Kirillovich,
GUSEV Boris Vladimirovich
Tel: 2297303,
Fax 2299164

Headquarters address: b. 4, 9, Gazetny Lane, Moscow, 103918

The movement sees its aim in the assistance to democratization of the society, construction of the strong, jural state, development of Russia as great, scientific and industrial power which economic prosperity is based on well-being of its citizens.


- participation in the political life of the society by means of the influence on formation of political will of citizens;

- participation in elections to the bodies of the government and institutions of local management through nomination of own candidates and organization of their pre-election campaigns;

- participation in activities of the above mentioned bodies;

- assistance to the rise of scientific and industrial potential of the country and the growth of well-being of working people through scientific-and-technical and industrial progress;

- assistance to the maintenance of the conditions for the rise of prestige of highly skilled creative work and initiative, creation of new high technologies;

- assistance to the formation of a priority of human rights and universal values in public consciousness;

- assistance to the development of the Russian Federation as the great scientific and industrial power and transition of its economy into the postindustrial stage;

- assistance to further democratization of the life of society, construction of the strong, legal, effective state with the economy based on prosperity of every single citizen;

- assistance to the preservation and development of the Russian Federation as a multinational federative state.

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