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The All-Russian Public Political Organization "The Consolidation Party"
The All-Russian Public Political Organization "The Consolidation Party"

The party was formed in 1992 and registered on November, 27, 1992 (N 1377)
Date of the party charter registration - October, 14, 1998
Administrative Body: The Political Council
The Council Chairman: TIKHONOV Alexander Anatoliyevich
Tel: 9167920

Headquarters address: of. 143, b. 3a, 5, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya St., Moscow, 107120

The party was created in July, 1992 on the basis of the association of the group of industrialists and businessmen - the managers of a number of state and joint ventures of Moscow, Tver, Ekaterinburg, Nizhni Novgorod and Omsk.

The Consolidation Party represents the moderate political force advocating the construction of legal Russian state and stays away from overt political struggle and confrontation.

Alexander Tihonov says that consolidation should be understood not as the consolidation against, but the consolidation of the society as the whole. The same idea of the peoples' consolidation is often mentioned by the president, the Duma politicians and the officials of the executive power at all levels. This idea became very popular among the people of Russia. Because consolidation means preservation of physical, social and spiritual health of people, the rise of the material well-being of each family, achievement of social order and consent.

The basic aims of activity:

- revival of Russia as the original, historically unique state uniting in peace people of various nationalities, beliefs, professional, social and property status on the principles of democracy, civil unity, patriotism, equal opportunities, the priority of human dignity and the responsibility for the fate of the country and future generations.

Tikhonov Alexander Anatoliyevich

was born on December, 4, 1949 in Electrostal, Moskovskaya Oblast. In 1972 Alexander Anatoliyevich graduated from Kalinin Polytechnical Institute with specialization in mechanical engineering and the Academy of Foreign Trade. Tikhonov is a candidate of economic sciences. From 1989 - the general director of 'Interural' enterprise. From 1996 - the chairman of the Chamber for Public Relations and Religious Organizations at the Political Advisory Council under the President of the Russian Federation.

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