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The Party of Pensioners
The All-Russian Public Political Organization "The Party of Pensioners"
The constituent assembly was held in Moscow on April, 14, 1998.
Date of the party charter registration - May, 29, 1998
Administrative Body - the Council
Chairman - ARTOSHENKO Sergey Petrovich
Tel: 9213209, 9230942.

Headquarters address:
b. 1, 54, B. Polyanka St., Moscow, 109180

The purpose of the party creation to achieve the prosperity, health protection and respect for every pensioner of Russia.

The basic aims of activity:

- assistance to protection of rights and interests of citizens of the Russian Federation of the pension age;

- assistance to formation of the legal democratic state;

- assistance to spiritual and cultural revival of Russia;

- development of activity and amateur performances of citizens;

- participation in the political life of the society by means of influence on formation of political will of citizens;

- participation in the government and institutions of local government elections through promotion of candidates and organization of their pre-election campaigns;

- participation in organization and activities of the bodies of the government and institutions of local management; assistance to creation of a fair system of pensions provision;

- participation in the development of the system of address assistance to the poor;

- assistance to protection of political and social and economic rights of citizens.

Some items from the party program:

- restoration of bank accounts at the level of the year 1991;

- fair pensions worth the labour contribution of the pensioners in the national economy;

- settlement of the issue of the pension standard before realization of the communal reform;

- provision of true free-of-charge medical standards throughout the country;

- abolishment of age discrimination (a pensioner must have equal employment opportunities);

- state assistance in development of active way of life for pensioners.

ATROSHENKO Sergey Pavlovich
was born in 1958 in Novozybkov, Bryanskaya Oblast. After leaving the school he worked as a mechanic at machine works in Podolsk. In 1979 Atroshenko left for Tyumenskaya Oblast where he opened the first cooperative society in Tyumen. In 1995 being the chairman of the shareholders board of one of the region largest banks he entered the politics and became the leader of the regional public association 'Tyumen - 2000'. Sergey Pavlovich participated in the governor's elections 1996 and passed to the second voting round with 35% votes. In 1997 Sergey Pavlovich headed the work on creation of the party of pensioners and in November of the same year was elected its chairman.

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