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Old Russian State Origin
 Eastern Slavs in the Pre-State Period
 First written testimonies of Slavs existence. Slavs separated from the common Indo-European community by the middle of II millennium B.C. By the beginning of I millennium B.C. Slavs became so significant both in number and the influence on the surrounding world that Greek, Roman, Arabian, Byzantian authors reported about them (Plinius, Tacitus I century A.D., Claudius Ptolemeus II century A.D. Antique authors named Slavs "Ants", "Sclavins", "Veneds" and testified their tribalism and great number of their clans).

 Formation of the Old Russian State
 By the IX century eastern Slavs already had the complex of social, economic and political preconditions for own state formation. Social and economic preconditions - tribal community ceased to be the economic necessity and was replaced by a territorial, "neighbour's" community. Handicrafts separated from other kinds of economic activities, cities and foreign trade grew rapidly. The process of social groups formation was well underway, with nobility and prince's bodyguard rising high above.

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