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RF Constitutional Court Staff
The Staff of The Constitutional Court of The Russian Federation
The activity of the Constitutional Court is managed by the Staff comprising the Secretariat and other subdivisions that provide logistical support, social and consumer services to the institution.

According to the Law 'On the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation', the Secretariat provides organizational, research and analytical, informational and reference services regarding justices . Its team comprises experienced jurists, many of whom have doctoral and candidate degrees, and highly qualified paralegal and support personnel.
There are several research branch departments within the Secretariat: the constitutional law department, the department of constitutional rights and freedoms, the department of constitutional foundations of federal organization and self-governance of territories, the department of constitutional foundations of private law, the department of constitutional foundations of labour legislation and social security, the department of constitutional foundations of administrative law, the department of constitutional foundations of criminal justice, the department of international law). These departments carry out the preliminary study of petitions and contested normative acts (before they are forwarded to justices), as well as their current study (on instructions from justices).

There are also several functional subdivisions within the Secretariat: the department of court sessions which is responsible for the organization and technical maintenance of court trials and ordinary meetings of justices; the editorial and publishing department, the department of international relations and comparative studies of constitutional case-law of foreign countries, the department of legal information, the department of control over the execution of the Constitutional Court decisions, the reception room, the letter group, press service and other subdivisions.

The Constitutional Court has its own official publication 'Bulletin of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation'. The Report is published six times a year. It contains all the Constitutional Court rulings, the justices' dissenting opinions and other materials, including the decisions of the constitutional review bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

The building occupied by the Russian Federation Constitutional Court is situated in the historical center of Moscow called Kitay-gorod, in Ilyinka Street. This part of Kitay-gorod has been known since the end of the XIX century as the Moscow 'city' - the financial and entrepreneural district. The building was designed by architect V.Oltarzhevskiy and was constructed by engineer I.Rerberg in 1908 in a neoclassical style, characteristic of many buildings of that period.

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