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Gorchakov A.I.

Андреев А.А. Andrey Ivanovich Gorcahkov had the brilliant begining of his military career: he was a Colonel in the age of 19.

He was a nephew of Suvorov, and was sent by Pavel I to Konchanskoe village, where the Field-Marshal lived in exile, when the Emperor called Suvorov to St.Petersburg.

In the rank of Major-General Gorchakov took part in the well-known Italian campaign of Suvorov. And there, in the battle at Tidone the General in the age of 20 got his baptism of fire.

After he served under the command of Bagration, fought at Novy and distinguished himself in the capture of the Saint-Gotard pass.

In the campaign of 1807 year General-Lieutenant Gorchakov commanded a Division and then all Russian Forces instead of Bennigsen, who had fallen ill. He distinguished himself at Fridland

In 1812 year he served under the command of his friend P.I. Bagration. On September 5, 1812, he had a very important mission: he had to defend the Shevardino redoubt, the advanced Russian fortification in the Borodino field. All the day the detachment of Gorchakov 11,000 in number repulsed the attack of the enemy forces that were near four times as many (35-40 thousands). The battle at Shevardino gave the Russian troops the opportunity to fortify their positions before the main battle and it's became clear Napoleon will direct his main attack on the left flank of the Russian positions.

In the Borodino battle Gorchakov was wounded very serioulsy and left the Army till January, 1813.

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