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862-879 Rurik, (Hrorekr), semilegendary ruler of Novgorod
879-913 Oleg, first ruler of Kiev
913-945 Igor (Ingvar)
945-964 Olga (Helga), widow of Igor
945-972 Sviatoslav I
973-980 Yaropolk I
980-1015 Vladimir (the Saint), brother of Yaropolk, baptized 989
1015-1019 Sviatopolk I
1019-1054 Yaroslav I (the Wise), brother of Sviatopolk
1054-1073 Izyaslav I, son of Yaroslav
1073-1076 Sviatoslav II, son of Yaroslav
1077-1078 Yziaslav I (again), son of Yaroslav
1078-1093 Vsevolod, son of Yaroslav
1093-1113 Svyatopolk II, son of Izyaslav I
1113-1125 Vladimir II Monomakh, son of Vsevolod I
1125-1139 Mstislav I
1132-1139 Yaropolk II, younger brothers of Mstislavav I
1139-1146 Vyacheslav, younger brothers of Mstislavav I
1146-1154 Izyaslav II, son of Mstislav I
1154-1167 Rostislav, son of Mstislav I
1149-1157 Yuri Dolgoruky, younger brother of Mstislav I (founder of Moscow 1156)
1157-1174 Andrei Bogolyubsky titular grand prince of Kiev, ruled from Vladimir
1176-1212 Vsevolod III (Big Nest). Son of Yury Dolgoruky, ruled at Vladimir-Suzdal
1212-1238 Yuri II
1240-1480 (Mongol-Tartar Yoke)
1238-1246 Yaroslav II, brother of Yuri II
1247-1248 Sviatoslav III, brother of Yuri II
1249-1252 Andrei II, son of Yaroslav II; prince of Vladimir
1252-1263 Alexander Nevsky, son of Yaroslav II, prince of Novgorod, subsequently Vladimir
1263-1271 Yaroslav III, son of Yaroslav; prince of Tver
1263-1303 Daniil, youngest son of Alexander Nevsky. First prince of Moscow and of Pereyaslav.
1303-1325 Yury III, grand prince of Moscow
1325-1341 Ivan I Money-Bags (Kalita). Brother of Yury III, "Grand prince of Vladimir and All Russia". Resident in Moscow
1341-1353 Simeon (the Proud)
1353-1359 Ivan II (the Meek), brother of Simeon
1359-1389 Dmitrii Ivanovich
1389-1425 Vasily I
1425-1461 Vasiliy II (the Dark)
1462-1505 Ivan III (the Great)
1505-1533 Vasiliy III
1533-1538 Helena Blinski, widow of Vasiliy II. Mother of Ivan IV
1533-1584 Ivan IV Vasilievich (the Terrible), Tsar in 1547
1584-1598 Fyodor I. Last of Ryurikid dynasty
1598-1605 Boris Godunov "Lord Protector" (Time of Troubles)
1605 Fyodor II, son of Boris Godunov
1605-1606 False Dmitriy I
1606-1610 Vasiliy IV
1610-1613 Wladyslav, son of king of Poland (not crowned)
1613-1645 Mihail Fedorovich Romanov, elected Tsar (Romanov dynasty)
1645-1676 Alexis (Aleksey Mikhaylovich)
1676-1682 Theodore III (Feodor Alexeevich)
1682-1689 (Sophia, regent)
1689-1696 Ivan V (Alexeevich) Senior co-tsar with Peter I
1689-1696 (Natalya Naryshkina). Aleksey's second wife and widow
1682-1725 Peter I (the Great, (Alexeevich)), Emperor in 1721
1725-1727 Catherine I. Widow of Peter I
1727-1730 Peter II (Alexeevich)
1730-1740 Anna (lvanovna)
1740-1741 Anna Leopoldovna. Niece of Anna; mother of Ivan VI
1741-1762 Elizabeth (Elizaveta Petrovna)
1762 Peter III, Elizabeth's nephew, killed after revolt led by Catherine II
1762-1796 Catherine II (the Great). Widow of Peter III
1796-1801 Paul I, son of Peter III and Catherine II, murdered
1801-1825 Alexander I (Pavlovich), may have faked death and entered monastery
1825-1855 Nicholas I (Pavlovich), brother of Alexander I
1855-1881 Alexander II (Nikolaevich, Tsar Emancipator), assassinated by bomb
1881-1894 Alexander III (Alexandrovich, Tsar Peacemaker)
1894-1917 Nicholas II (Alexandrovich), Constitutional monarch from 1906, abdicated 1917, murdered with wife and five children by Bolsheviks in 1918
1917 (Feb-July) Prince Georgiy Lvov, prime minister of provisional government
1917 (July-Oct) Alexander Kerensky, prime minister of provisional government
1917-1924 Lenin (Vladimirs Ilyich Ulyanov), chairman of the council of people's commissars
1924-1953 Joseph Stalin (Iosif Visarionovich Zhugashvili). Secretary-general of the central committee of the Communist Party from 1922. Effective sole power from 1928, official head of government from 1940.
1953-1955 Georgiy Malenkov. Unofficial head of collective leadership after Stalin
1955-1964 Nikita Khrushchev. First secretary of the central committee
1955-1958 Nikolai Bulganin, official head of state
1964-1982 Leonid Brezhnev. First secretary of CPSU
1982-1984 Yury Andropov. First secretary of CPSU
1984-1985 Konstantin Chernenko. First secretary of CPSU
1985-1991 Mikhail Gorbachov. First secretary of CPSU
1991-2000 Boris Yeltsin elected President of Russia (Soviet Union ceases)
2000-2004 Vladimir Putin. Second elected President of Russia
2004-present Vladimir Putin re-elected to a second term.

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