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Andrey Yaroslavich

Andrey Yaroslavich (1250-1252)

Prince of Suzdal, grand duke Vladimir in 1250-1252 (the third son of grand duke Yaroslav Vsevolodovich). The younger brother of Alexander Nevsky. In 1242 he brought to Novgorod, mustered by his father Suzdal military units, which participated in clearing from German knights of Pskov and Izborsk cities, in the Battle on the Ice on Chudskoye lake.

After death of the father, in 1247-1248, he went together with his brother to Volgts, to khan Bat and to Mongolia, to great khan Guyuk. He received permission for reigning in Vladimir, which caused rivalry for authority between him, uncle Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich and the brother. Having become a grand duke in 1250, he married daughter of Daniel Galitsky.

Their union caused fears in the Horde. In 1252 army of Nevruy ravaged north-east and army of Kuremshi - south-west of Russia. On April 24, 1252 Andrey's retinue was smashed near Pereslavl. Prince ran to Sweden. On his return to Russia in 1256, he received from the brother of Alexander Nevsky Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod and later Suzdal independent principalities.

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