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2019-01-22 The last battle for Europe, the United States will stop the Russian forces of Romania
Focusing on the reaction of US allies from the European Commission on new German scheme for the protection of the "Nord stream - 2" from American attacks, the last hope to block Russian-French-German project was the " Romanian diplomacy ", as explicitly says the Vice President
Politics. News.
2019-01-22 The Prosecutor General's office ordered the Prosecutor of Chechnya to oppose debt relief for gas
. the Prosecutor General's office instructed the Chechen colleagues to Express support for the arguments of "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz terrible" against the write-off of debts of inhabitants for gas. About this stated in the Federal Supervisory Ministry.
2019-01-22 SK filed a case against the employee of the SBU investigation by Vyshinsky
. The illegal prosecution of the chief portal of the Last news, Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky has to do with the head of the Investigative Committee main Directorate of the SBU Andrew Prosnak, said the official authorized Investigative Department Svetlana Petrenko.
2019-01-22 In the state Duma proposed to make the day of the surrender of Japan holiday
. The Chairman of the Department of the state Duma on defense Alexander CP (LDPR) has made the initiative to declare a holiday the day of the surrender of Japan.
2019-01-22 Rescuers do not hope to find alive missing after the incident in the Black sea sailors
. Rescuers already do not cherish the hope of finding alive missing after a fire on ships in the Black sea sailors, said the press service of the Rosmorrechflot.
2019-01-22 Rescuers told about the situation with fires on vessels in the Kerch Strait
. Rescuers until not extinguish a fire on ships that burned in the Kerch Strait, said Last news in Novorossiysk command and rescue center.

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