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2019-08-24 The foreign Ministry responded to the request of the U.S. Embassy to release Whelan home
The foreign Ministry explained published on Twitter call the American Embassy in the Russian Federation to release the accused in spying of US citizen Paul Whelan home.
Politics. News.
2019-08-24 At MCC, spoke about a new plan for the docking of the ISS and "Soyuz MS-14" with "Fedor"
In the mission control Center admitted that docking of "Soyuz MS-14" and the ISS will need prestimulate spacecraft " Soyuz MS-13 ". About It told the head flight of Russian segment of the station, Vladimir Solovyov during talks with cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov, who is
2019-08-24 Boris Johnson and "Operation oatmeal": no food, there is hope to defeat Putin
The outcome of the diplomatic blitzkrieg of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who went on tour to Berlin and Paris, as long as depressing. Undoubtedly, from a position of masculine power and domination (in the sense in which It understand English tabloids and American rednecks)
2019-08-24 Putin instructed to solve the issue with early retirement benefits for miners
Leader V. V. Putin ordered to work on the issue of early retirement of workers of the coal industry, follows from the document published on the Internet representation of the Kremlin.
2019-08-24 "Soyuz MS-14" robot "Fyodor" was not able to dock with the ISS
The Spacecraft "Soyuz MS-14 "robot" Fedor " in the cabin could not dock at the scheduled time with the ISS, the Ship is leaving the station, reports journalist Last news from the mission control Center.
2019-08-24 Comrade Zelensky promised "path to nowhere" because of the special status of Donbass
The granting of special status to the Donbass will lead to "nowhere," said the elected people's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from "public Servants" Daniel Getmantsev in the TV channel NewsOne.

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