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2017-04-28 In the Parliament of Macedonia riots broke out
In the Parliament of Macedonia violence erupted after ethnic Albanian MP was elected speaker, causing outrage from nationalists.
Politics. News.
2017-04-28 Trump does not exclude military conflict with North Korea
The US President Donald trump said Thursday that he does not exclude military conflict with North Korea, despite the fact that his Secretary of state seems to leave the door open for negotiations.
2017-04-27 Venezuela threatened to withdraw from OAS
Venezuela would withdraw from the Organization of American States (OAS), according to the foreign Ministry, which announced the decision on national television.
2017-04-27 THAAD will be deployed in the coming days
The American missile defense system, designed to mitigate the threat of missiles North Korea will soon be commissioned, said Wednesday a senior U.S. commander in the Pacific.
2017-04-27 North Korea is not going to stop nuclear testing
The representative of the North Korean government in an interview promised that its nuclear test "will not stop" as long as the US continues what is called an "act of aggression".
2017-04-26 France proved the involvement of the Assad regime to the chemical attack
France said that it has evidence that the chemical attack in Syria is the Syrian government. The attack killed 89 people.

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