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2017-08-17 In new York there was a sculpture of trump
Donald trump is currently one of the biggest celebrities, whose identity attracts the attention of millions of people. Not long ago, an inflatable figure of a chicken with the external features, similar to the appearance of Donald trump, was installed near the White house.
Politics. News.
2017-08-10 The White house has set the chicken, similar to Donald trump
According to the news Agency RIA-Novosti in Washington near the White house was set inflatable chick growth of nine meters. Moreover, the hairstyle and the face shape is very much like the US President Donald trump. According to the radio station KTSA that piece
2017-08-08 The case speaker has begun to consider in court
Alexei Ulyukayev, the first Minister in modern Russia, officials accused of a criminal offence, taken to court, where will pass hearings on the case about the bribe.
2017-08-04 Air France has expanded the no-fly zone over North Korea
Air France has expanded the no-fly zone over North Korea after the incident with the rocket crossed the flight path of the aircraft.
2017-08-03 Trump signed the bill on new sanctions against Russia
President Donald trump has signed a law passed on Wednesday morning, which introduces new sanctions against Russia and restricts the ability of trump to ease the sanctions against Moscow.
2017-08-03 In Afghanistan killed two American soldiers
The Pentagon said that the attack on the convoy of the NATO mission in Afghanistan led to the deaths of two American service members.

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